Table of Contents Level 2 (Year 2)


 Sonographic Appearance of Major Fetal Malformations in Early Gestation

 Atypical locations of ectopic pregnancy, including interstitial, ovarian, cervical, abdominal, and  cesarean scar implantations

 Workup of Pregnancy of Unknown Location

 Methods of determining twin placentation by ultrasound

 Role of ultrasound in the follow-up of twin gestations

 Role of ultrasound in the serial evaluation of discordant twins.

 Sonographic findings of Monoamniotic Monochorionic Twin Gestations

 Risk Factors and Sonographic Diagnosis of Vasa Previa

 Etiology and Risk Factors and Sonographic Finding Placenta Accreta

 Role of Ultrasound in the assessment of placental abruption

 Ultrasound Estimation of Amniotic Fluid in Twins

 Ultrasound Measurement of Cervical Length in Second and Third Trimesters of Pregnancy

 Ultrasound Evaluation of Anatomic Locations of Leiomyomas

 Ultrasound Evaluation of Endometrial Abnormalities

 Sonographic characteristics of hemorrhagic cysts and their evolution (grayscale and color Doppler)

 Sonographic characteristics of endometriomas (grayscale and color Doppler)

 Sonographic characteristics of mature teratomas (grayscale and color Doppler)

 Sonographic characteristics of pedunculated leiomyomas and ovarian fibromas

 Sonographic characteristics of hydrosalpinges

 Sonographic characteristics of tubo-ovarian in the inflammatory process (tubo-ovarian complex/abscess

 Sonographic characteristics of peritoneal inclusion cysts

 Sonographic characteristics of polycystic ovaries

 Sonographic characteristics of adnexal torsion

 Sonographic characteristics of malignant adnexal masses

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